How to Choose the Best Hosting Package for Your Website

best hosting package

When we going to create a new website we are facing mainly two major problems. First one is Where do we buy a domain and the second is where we can find the good best hosting package. We are thinking many questions like this! Who is the good provider? who provides the best support after buying a domain and hosting? How to buy at a lower price? Well, Before we take the original decision, let’s discuss why we need to buy a domain and hosting from a good site?

Why need to buy the best hosting package from a good site?

If we compare our website with a house, then I can tell the hosting land of the house. Where the house will be built. And the domain is that home address. Suppose your house is in Dhaka. But if you tell anyone that your home is Dhaka then it is not possible to find your home easily. But if someone knows your home address, then they can easily find out your home with that address. So, here Dhaka is your Hosting and Domain is your home address. Now, before you built a house you bought a land that had a dove or cannel. and you also got the land at a very lower price. Will your home be very durable in such a place?

Nowadays we have seen lots of advertisements online. Some of them claim they are owned by a data center. others peoples are claiming three thousand / five thousand / ten thousand +++ foreign websites overseas. Even Some providers will tell you if you buy hosting from them, your website will be browsing from your computer’s hard disk. Some people will say they are the best-dedicated server providers. Many foreign domestic hosting companies do business with their server hosting. But the funny thing is knowing what to look for, they have their own website hosted by another local provider! Someone else will tell you if the visitor increases your website will never be down, will not be slow. But in the main time, they can not find their own website.

The problem is everyone finds cheap rate services. Remember, the problem of expensive things is, the price is high, everything else is good, and the cheapest things are cheap, the price is cheap, the rest is bad. You do not have to be a scientist to recognize the good company.

Those who are not buying the best hosting package from the best sites?
  1. Many times the site will go down. Although this downtime may not be too long. But it will drop bad effects for your site’s SEO. Many visitors will lose. If the visitor goes to your site to get such a down status then you will lose interest in entering your site.
  2. IP issues can be a big problem. This is a very common problem with cheap hosting sites. hosting this type of site will not load the site from many IPs. As a result, you can understand what might happen.
  3. Another problem may happen, at any time, your site may be deleted without any reason. If you have a lot of cost-made sites, if this happens, free hosting is very good
Keep in mind when you buy Best Hosting Package?
  1. Is there a problem with disk space or bandwidth?
    Many people thinking that a website will require lots of disk spaces. It is seen that many Web sites require 500 MB of hosting. But we brought 5GB/10GB hosting package. As a result, we need to pay lots of money every year unnecessarily. So, before buying a hosting package you must calculate how much disk space you need for your website. And buy your hosting package in the same way, so that you do not have to pay unnecessary money. And in the future, if you need to increase your extra disk space. then upgrade to the next plan. Now almost all companies offer package upgrades. However, if you have a desire to make a website with a song/ movie/video, then you have to look at the big web space.
  2. If there is a technical error, do you have the money back guarantee?
    Moneyback guarantee is an important issue for web hosting. Most companies offer a 30-day standard back guarantee. Make sure the company is offering the money back before buying.
  3. Whether the support service is always available?
    Support in Web Hosting is an important issue. If your hosting server is down and if you want to tell it and take a few days to answer, you can lose millions of visitors. Ask your hosting company about their guaranteed support response time. And what is the support though. If necessary, please email to the company to know about these things.

Who can get a best hosting package from?

Before buying a domain and hosting, take a look at the reputation from which you are going to buy. You can also know from those who are experienced. There is much good domain and hosting company have on the web. Because when you buy a domain and hosting, you will work hard to create your site, So no one never wants to lose their site.

What do we Recommend?

There are lots of well-known Domain and Hosting company has on the web. but with my personal experience, I recommend to buy Domain and Hosting from Hostgator. Hostgator is the top rated site for Domain and Hosting and they provide 3 individual web hosting packages. so you can choose the package you need. With all packages only they offering you

  • Unlimited Disk Spaces and Bandwidth
  • Free Website Builder with 4,5000 awesome templates
  • User-Friendly Control Panel
  • Unlimited Email Address
  • 24/72/365 Technical Support
  • 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

For promoting your business, Hostgator also provide

    • $100 Google AdWords Coupon
    • $50 Bing + Yahoo Coupon
    • Free WordPress Blogging Tools
    • Free Business Listing on Yellow Page
So, What are you waiting for? Sign Up with Hostgator, Choose your Package and Build your dream Website.

The last thing to say – the house will be sturdy and durable if you buy good land in a good place. But when buying land in a good place, the cost will be a little higher. I would not want to make a house on my homestead in a bad place. This can cause collapses or other problems at home, anytime! I would like to spend some money, but to find good places to build houses.

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